Class 5 - Olympiads (IMO / NSO / IEO / NCO / NSTSE)

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Test Series, Worksheets, Practice MCQs, Concept Videos, Study Notes for Class 5 - Olympiads (IMO / NSO / IEO / NCO / NSTSE)

"DVD Contents – CBSE Class 5 - Olympiads:

We have loaded a lot of useful content in the DVD which will help you excel in the exam!
1. Exam preparation software: a windows PC-based test series software which contains 132 topic wise tests on all the topics of the course. This runs Offline and once installed, you can use it for 2 years!
After attempting each test, it will show the result and the solutions with detailed explanations (wherever required).
2. Videos: 36 Useful videos to aid your preparation. "