Using the courses on our site is easy! You just have to earn enough COINS to access our courses. Use the COINS to:

► Enroll for any course.

► Extend the validity.

► Share the course.

► Add more courses to your dashboard and lot more!


we gave the currency in the virtual wallet on our website a name – Guru COINS.

How to get COINS?

We are not charging any amount for this! It means that you don’t have to worry about the online payments, credit cards etc.! You are a dear student to us and we value your time and ease of learning. There are many ways you can add COINS to your wallet on our site:

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1 Registration: as soon as your register on our site, we give you COINS as a token of love!
2 SHARE: sharing always helps! Share any of our content, page, your test results, videos your view on facebook/ google and we will add COINS to your account. This can be done unlimitedly!
3 PROMOTE: ask your friends to register on our site, using your referral code. This will add COINS in your account too!
4 TAKE A TEST: self-assessments always helps to improve performance! We have added incentives to it also. With every test you take, you earn COINS!
5 SCORE HIGH: score is rewarded at WhiteCoins. With every 5 marks you score, you earn 1 CHALK! Isn’t that motivating?
6 DAILY LOGIN: revisiting the portal for hunting more content? We reward you on this too! Each day you login to our portal, you get a DAILY CHALK REWARD!
7 VIEW ADS: found some exciting stuff on our site? Our sponsors may wish that you see their offers/ services etc. If you click on any ads on the site, they would like to sponsor some Coins for you.
8 WRITE ABOUT US: did we met your expectations? Write about us in our feedbacks/ testimonials/ blogs/ facebook page etc. and as a token of gesture, we will reward you with more Coins.

Note: Coins are non-transferable/ non-redeemable and can't be converted to cash in any case.